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Audio monetising inside Games and Apps

User-centred ad experience
Non-Interrupting audio ads
let you commit to your creative visionwhile keeping users happy
Keeps the player engaged and happier
Audio ads keeps the player engaged at critical moments, and in many instances leads to longer game plays and happier players.

We felt like the benefit of not breaking the players flow by making them listen an ad mid-level was self-evident.
Increase your revenue with new ad formats
We provide two audio ad formats, rewarded and standard audio ads.

  • Rewarded Audio Ads are non-skippable and give users a reward for listening to the entire audio ad
  • Standard Audio Ads allows users to skip an audio ad after 5 seconds by pressing the skip button
This formats also support companion banners, allowing advertisers to add visual engagement to the audio experience. Advertisers can track whether a banner was viewed and if a user visited their website from the game.
Seamless Integration
You can integrate audio ads into their games via existing SDKs or use our SDK for Android & iOS.

Advertisers setup audio ad campaigns within our DSP (Demand Side Platform) and we serve their audio ads into games via MRAID (Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions). This allows developers to integrate audio ads into their games via existing monetisation SDKs.
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